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Seat-in-coach tours in Beijing (SIC Tours)

panda tour, dragon tour, seat-in-coach tour What is Seat-in-coach Tour? Available Seat-in-coach Tours

Do you hate to travel alone? Do you want to join a group so that you can make new friends? Is your budget tight?

Join our seat-in-coach tours!

What is Seat-In-Coach Tour?

Seat-in-coach means you join others on the same tour, and thereby the tour cost is considerably cheaper than a private tour.

Most foreign visitors to Beijing will only visit five major scenic spots, namely, Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. There are usually two ways to do the sightseeing: one way is to take private vihicle, whatever for individuals or groups, as part of a package tour; the other way is to take the Panda Bus , as named Seat-in-coach(SIC) tour. Seat-in-coach tour is a comparatively less expensive way of sightseeing. A Panda Bus(with English speaking guide) will go to pick up the passengers from different hotels in the morning, then go to visit the major scenic spots together. Our Beijing tour guide will contact the passengers the night before to set a departure time with you for the next morning. The price is fixed and same for whatever number of people.

Features of Seat-in-coach tours:

  • It's cheaper than private tours.
  • It is not so flexible as a private tour, but you may have a lot of new friends coming from all over the world.

    Available SIC tours